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Prophecy Smudge Wand | Lacrymosas Lair

Prophecy Smudge Wand


The Prophecy Smudge Wand has been delicately hand crafted with the intention of connecting you to your spirit guides for any form of divination. Blended with white sage, wormwood, mugwort, lavender, rose, yarrow, and annointed with jasmine essential oil. Left under the full moon charged with Clear Quartz & Labradorite to amplify the energy.

Smudging Affirmation:
“Into this smoke I release all that does not serve me for my highest good. I protect my mind, body, and soul while I open my heart to the love of my guides and ancestral spirits. I am open to receive their guidance and communication. ”

TO USE: Light with a candle & allow to burn for 30 seconds – 1 minute before blowing out. Burn to cleanse your aura, home, crystals or sacred space, before meditation, sacred moments, or rituals. Make sure to have your windows open for the excess smoke and negativity to escape.

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