The Lovers Smudge Wand


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New Seasons Blend!

The Lovers smudge wand is intended to purify your sacred space and invoke the energies of love & beauty. This blend is specifically crafted for love & beauty rituals. You may choose to burn as an offering to love Goddess’s such as Freya, Venus, and Aphrodite and/or use to smudge yourself/ partner.

Burn to cleanse your aura and uplift your aura, home or sacred space, before meditation, sacred moments, or rituals. Ensure your windows/doors are open for the excess smoke and negativity to escape.

Smudging Affirmation
“Into this smoke I release all that does not serve me. I let go of all energy that does not belong and open my heart to invite the love and beauty of Aphrodite in”.

Flora and Herbs harvested from either my garden or foraged ethically with appropriate offerings given to plants.

Each smudge stick measures at approximately 6- 7 inches long & are individually handcrafted by me.


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