Psychic Protection Smudge Wand

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The Protection smudge wand is intended to purify your sacred space and provide psychic protection. This blend is recommended for empath’s who pick up other people’s energy easily or if you feel you are under psychic attack. These smudge wands are anointed with a blend of protective essential oils, and charged with obsidian¬† and labradorite crystals. Burn to cleanse your aura, home, or sacred space, before meditation or rituals, divination or to simply raise your vibrations and clear out negativity. Ensure your windows open for the excess smoke and negativity to escape.

Smudging Affirmation:
“Into this smoke I release all that does not serve me. I let go of all energy that does not belong to me. I shield my body, mind, and soul from outside energy.¬† I am safe, I am secure, I am protected, and I am grounded to the earth.”

Flora and Herbs harvested from either my garden or foraged ethically with appropriate offerings given to plants.



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1 review for Psychic Protection Smudge Wand

  1. Maddy Grace J (verified owner)

    As an empath I am susceptible to so many energies and emotions around me. I can channel in on them without even realizing what I am doing, and before I know it I am along on an emotional rollercoaster. With this wand it has allowed me to reorganize emotions and show me what is mine and what is others. It has dulled down my empath tendencies which has made me less susceptible to feeling everything around me and constantly being confused by that.

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