Prosperity Smudge Wand

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The Prosperity Smudge wand has been uniquely created with the intention to bring forth prosperous and positively successful energy. Blended with sage, cedar, pine, cinnamon, bay leaf, wildflowers and anointed with a solar associated essential oils. Charged with solar energy and solar associated crystals such as tigers eye and citrine.  These are also bound with yellow cotton to amplify the energy of prosperity and success.  Each smudge stick measures at approximately 6-7 inches in length. Burn at Sun Rise, Midday or Sun Set on your chosen day (preferably a Sunday or Thursday).

Burn these to cleanse your aura, home, or sacred space, before meditation or rituals, or to simply raise your vibrations and connect you to your inner God/Goddess.
Make sure to have your windows open for the excess smoke and negativity to escape.
Flora and Herbs harvested from either my garden or foraged ethically with appropriate offerings given to plants.


Smudging Affirmation:

“Into this smoke I let go of all energy that does not serve me to my highest good. I release all negativity, all fears and patterns that limit me. I invoke prosperity, happiness, and abundance to flow within me, I invoke prosperity, happiness, and abundance to flow around me, and I invoke prosperity, happiness, and abundance to flow from me. So mote it be”

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  1. Maddy Grace J (verified owner)

    This wand is probably a favourite of mine! I used it at the beginning of this year with intentions of a secure money flow and an abundance of wealth and motivation. Considering last year I was in mass amounts of debt unable to save anything, I have managed to put away $5000 in my savings which is going to change my life dramatically and lower my debt to a more manageable amount. With motivation, focus and intention I fully believe that the rituals I did at the beginning of the year have manifested and assisted me through financial issues.

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