Honey Calcite (tumbled)


1x tumbled Honey Calcite
Weight Approx: 17 grams

Crown/Third Eye/Solar Plexus Chakra. It is a stone that gently amplifies energy. It also assists in the challenges associated with change. Honey calcite enhances psychic abilities, astral projection and higher consciousness. It also enhances intellect and memory. It is a great stone for motivation & change.

Calcite was used in Ancient Egypt for ritual bowls, cups, and objects, to pass the gentle healing power into the food, drink and offerings. It was believed to amplify the power of prayer. Honey Calcite tells you to believe in yourself and maximize every opportunity to influence others quietly..Your success and influence grow each day.

Honey Calcite is great for teenagers to study & to calm nerves. All forms of calcite, especially the clearer ones, have the power to help the user to break out of old patterns of action that can see him or her repeating mistakes or being constantly attracted to the wrong person.

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