Hex Breaker Smudge Wand


Each smudge wand has been uniquely hand crafted with intent. The Hex Breaker Smudge wand has been crafted to remove dark energy that is blocking a person in certain areas of their life (such as a curse). This smudge is to be burned during a dark or waning moon with the intention to remove any dark energy that be present in a certain part of your life. The herbs, essential oils, flora and crystal energy in this smudge wand are associated with uncrossing (hex breaking) and cleansing. It would also be recommended to have a salt bath to cleanse this type of energy off, and add some of the herbs from this smudge wand to the water when doing so.

Each smudge stick measures at approximately 7 inches long and bound with black & white cotton.

What’s included:
– 1X Smudge wand bundled with hex breaking herbs, flora, white sage, and essential oils.

Flora and Herbs organically grown and harvested, and foraged from the wild.
Burn to cleanse your aura, home, or sacred space, before meditation or rituals, or to simply raise your vibrations.
Make sure to have your windows open for the excess smoke and negativity to escape.

Smudging Affirmation:
“Let this smudge wand do its task, remove this curse is what I ask. Remove from me this dark despair, as this smoke fills the air.”

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