Grimoire of Lunar Witchcraft


“This unique grimoire has been written by Jessica Shaw of Circle of Wolves; a non-Wiccan witch with a passion for traditional witchcraft and working with the native spirits and plants of Aotearoa (New Zealand). This updated edition includes information for both Southern and Northern Hemispheres from a practical, easy to follow, and creative perspective.

This Grimoire contains information about the various moon-phases and how to recognise them in the Southern skies for ritual workings. Each phase is accompanied with suggestions on appropriate spellcraft, meditation ideas and rituals created by a non-Wiccan witch.

Designed to be inspiring and informative to beginners and more experienced witches, this book gives a straightforward teaching of ritual construction – including how to successfully cast ritual circles in a variety of ways, to basic astrology and working with the lunar zodiac for enhancing lunar magic.”

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