Black Mirror Oracle – Extended Edition


Black Mirror Oracle  (Extended Edition) by Jessica Shaw

Set Includes:
• 40 4x6inch (10cm x 15cm) full colour Oracle Cards
• A comprehensive black and white guidebook of over 80,000 words.
•  Personally handmade tye dye keepsake bag for your oracle cards.

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“THE BLACK MIRROR ORACLE offers a key to an occulted door within the Aether, accessed only through the Self. It leads to a gateway that houses a vibrant gallery of Muses and Entities; all of whom possess unique stories, wisdom and spiritual gifts. These numinous Archetypes and Powers exist both inside of us and simultaneously outside of time and logic. Their subtle energies must be cultured, revealed. They are the voices and images of the Infinite, which profoundly resound; endlessly reverberating, softly vibrating in the internal Palace of the Psyche. The Black Mirror Oracle Cards are a tool that can be used to define the direction and increase dedication to your spiritual path; to divine the past, present and future; and to formulate rituals to supplement your intentions. Enter the shimmering realm of the imagination that holds the jewels of inspiration and transformation.” – Jessica Shaw


– Card deck has increased from 26 cards to 40 cards. Guidebook has been updated accordingly and is now a variable Grimoire of magical tables, charts and mythological references.

-The focus of the deck is now twofold; for divination into the mundane and spiritual worlds, but also to teach the reader how to craft more successful, significant and symbolic rituals using not only the archetypes, but the powers of the planetary influences, the phases of the Moon, and more.

-The new cards will include the powers of the 9 Planetary Spheres, the luminaries and the phases of the Moon. These new additions to the deck will allow the reader to not only divine more accurately – but the intention is that the cards can also be used to give you ideas on spellwork, rituals, celebrations, ceremonies and magical formulae when you are lacking direction.

-Each of the 22 archetype or “God/Goddess” cards relate directly to one of the Planetary Spheres. These, coupled with the Elemental Powers and the phases of the Moon, will provide you with an in-depth, unique and creative way to formulate and construct your ritual practices when you have a need. The intention behind this expansion is to now teach the basics of planetary magic, moon magic, elemental magic and ritual construction for successful self-development and spellwork. This system is clearly outlined in the updated edition of the guidebook; sharing more of my knowledge from my path as a Witch for the last 17 years.

– Cards are the same size as before, but have undergone some updates; primarily to the coloured borders around the artwork, but 2 of the cards have been renewed with new images (the Emperor, the Sun).

-The Guidebook has been refined to include more suggestions on rituals to work with the archetypes and how to incorporate them into your personal practice or simply use them as motivation in daily life. How to work with the elemental powers as well as the planetary spheres, their attributes and characteristics, how to work with the phases of the Moon, and more…



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