Spirit Quartz


Beautiful piece of spirit quartz
Weight: 64 grams
Height: 5 cm
Width:4.5 cm

Spirit Quartz carries the vibration of universal love. It may assist you to let go of issues you have been holding onto, and forgive both yourself and the other person. These crystals radiate a very high vibration, and they may align and purify the entire chakra system.
They may open the third eye, the crown chakra and the higher crown chakra or soul star chakra.   It also has the ability to connect you to the spirit realm. It can uplift your soul and radiate strong vibrations and energies in all directions. Spirit Quartz is also a stone that will bring about your spiritual evolution. It can guide your spirit to reach spiritual growth and enlightenment.

The Spirit Quartz also carries energies of harmony and balance. Whenever you feel restless or unhinged, this stone can help restore the harmony and balance back in your life.

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