est. 2016
Lacrymosa’s Lair is a spiritual boutique owned and operated by Dallas van Rixel in Auckland, New Zealand. Lacrymosa’s Lair grows, harvests & hand forages herbs and flora in line with the moon cycles to delicately craft smudge wands, infusing them with essential oils and crystal energy for cleansing and invocation rites. Lacrymosa’s Lair also creates crystal bath bombs, crystal adornments, tools and mystical creations.

Through a strong love and connection to plants, nature and the energies they all possess, Lacrymosa’s Lair was birthed naturally from a want and need to find natural balance of energy within these realms of earth based elements.

All photos, wording, and handmade products are intellectual and creative property of Lacrymosa’s Lair (2016) All Rights Reserved.  You may not use any photos or wording without permission.