When I first started collecting crystals and using them in meditation, healing and rituals, I was naturally drawn to several different crystals. As I added to my collection I noticed that I would favour certain crystals for certain circumstances, which isn’t a surprise when each crystal has its own vibration and energy, but it was reassuring that I was on the right track. Crystals are natures beautiful gift to us and even just on an aesthetic level they create an attractive environment.

The word Crystal originates from the Greek word “krystallos”, which means “frozen light”.  A crystal is generally thought to be a regular, systematic and  repetitious type patterning of energies or molecules.  Or from a more metaphysical perspective, some believe that Light is stepped down through many levels of density before the “physical form of the crystal manifests through the dynamic we understand in crystallography and geology.  It is the forming aspect of Light that patterns the highly ordered array of energies we call a crystal” (Vogel Crystals, 1998).

Have you ever heard of a man called Marcel Vogel? He was this bad-ass research scientist and inventor (who received over 67 patents for his inventions) that took an interest in the study of quartz crystals, occult, and esoteric fields of study. He was one of the scientists whose research was strongly behind the study published in the September 4, 1994, issue of Newsweek, of Stanford University that succeeded in putting a 3-Dimensional holograph of the Mona Lisa into a quartz crystal, and proceed to retrieve it. “Physicists have demonstrated the first fully digital model of a device that stores information as a hologram within the subatomic structure of a crystal. The scientists were able to store and retrieve a holographic image of the Mona Lisa. The particular crystal held only 163 kilobytes of memory, but it is expected that these holographic units could store up to one million megabytes.. that crystals store information in three dimensions and could be ten times faster than the fastest systems currently available.”

But the question on everyone’s mind is does crystal healing really work? For myself and others I have met who use crystals in their journey, the short answer is yes. Long answer? Well, okay…

How do crystals work? 

Crystals and their energies have been around since the beginning of time, billions of years.  Just as we humans radiate certain energies, so do crystals. When you take into consideration that only one thousand millionth part of our body is matter and the rest is energy, that water is a crystalline structure,  the fact crystals generate, store and radiate energy and are commonly used in technology. For example, “Silicon is used in every single computer and cell phone processor, and liquid crystals comprise the display screens of these devices. Quartz (a type of silicate mineral) is used in watches and clocks to help them tell time, because it helps stabilize and regulate the flow of energy.” Just have a read of this scientific study that has proved quartz crystals have the power to store data for up to 300 million years. So once you actually read the research and the studies out there, you can now take into consideration the true powers of natures treasures and appreciate their value. Going back to our friend Marcel Vogel, he created the acronym FATTS in regards to crystals, when translated it means that crystals can Focus, Amplify, Transform, Transmit and Store Energy.

Crystals can also absorb up negative energies and leave us feeling more balanced.  Crystals are in no way a substitute for medicine, so when embracing crystal healing into your life  one must open their heart and mind to the realm of possibility and positivity and use it in assistance to whatever current medication you are taking and not in replacement of. Even if you choose not to have a open mind about it, that won’t stop the crystals from helping you out in whatever way nature has designed them for.

Cleansing and Connecting With Your Crystals

The more you work with your crystals in meditation, sleep, baths, rituals or just generally keeping them close to your body the more connected to them you will become. The more you work with the same crystal with the same purpose/intention the stronger it will become, and the better you will get at recognizing and feeling their different energies.  Some crystals like the clear quartz can be very multi use.  It’s important to learn what your crystal can and can’t do before using it and programming it with an intent.  Always begin by working with one crystal at a time before combining their energies, get familiar to what each individual crystal can do for you alone first. Remember you and your crystals are working together as a team, to either help benefit your life or someone else’s, so treat them with love and respect, keep them cleansed with sage, incense, water (or whatever your preferred method of cleansing objects of energies) and charged under the waxing or full moon regularly. It is also important to note when cleansing crystals with water there are some such as selenite (which is self cleansing anyway)  that cannot get wet as they are water soluble so always do a quick Google of your crystal before cleansing if unsure.

Always store your crystals safely, either in a fabric bag when taking them out and about with you. At home you can utilize the space and present them beautifully on a shelf, in a shadow box type display, as centrepieces on tables where people gather, on your Altar, in your workspace, etc. You can decorate your house with larger pieces that won’t get easily lost too.at I have a selenite tower lamp next to my bed and I feel it helps me sleep more sound and receive messages in my dreams easier, as it lifts my vibrational state.

There are many different reasons a person chooses to use crystals such as to  lift your vibrational state, to ground yourself, to rid feelings such as stress, sadness, negativity, to create a focused state of mind, to assist in meditation, to help you sleep, to remember dreams, receive messages, or to assist in physical and emotional pain, just to name a few. While I could type out a list as long as my arm on my favourite crystals, today I want to share with you my list of crystals I believe everyone should have when starting out with crystals or on spiritual journey.

  1. Clear Quartz
    Clear quartz is an extremely friendly crystal to begin your journey with. Being one of the most common crystals on the planet, it’s not too difficult to come across. Most people who use crystals (myself included) tend to own a Quartz Master Crystal, which will be like your best friend over the years (as long as you treat it right!) Your Master Quartz Crystal is generally a Clear Quartz, but if you are out with the intent of purchasing a Master Quartz and a certain crystal catches your eye, trust your intuition. Your Master Quartz could already be a crystal you have owned for a number of years. Once you have your Master Quartz, I recommend you take some time to sit with your new friend and really examine it. It took me months to realize I had a beautiful Goddess Warrior in my Master Clear Quartz Crystal, and once I noticed her there my relationship with my Master Quartz has amplified. Clear Quartz resonates with your Soul Star Chakra (the eighth chakra), but also has a positive impact on all the chakras, and protects the aura.
  2. Selenite
    Selenite is a beautiful white high vibrational stone that will amplify your spiritual journey and will strongly assist in your spiritual growth. You can use this stone on your heart and third eye chakras, and with continued use you will probably feel its energy creep up to your crown chakra. It is great for cleansing your aura. Selenite helps with psychic development and accessing past life memories. Hold this at your heart while meditating, or when you are feeling stressed or anxious. Selenite can help with connecting to certain spirit guides and the divine wisdom.  It is great to use in divination as it acts as a channel from the divine, allowing messages to come through clearly. It is stone that is associated with the moon and is connected with light energy, which is connected to the Angels and Higher Consciousness. It is a great stone to use in full moon rituals. Selenite is a self cleansing stone so is good to keep around your other crystals to keep cleansed. Not for use in oils or elixirs.????????????????????????????????????
  3. Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz is most commonly known as the love stone and associated with love, the heart chakra, emotions, and romance.  This stone resonates loving energy to all those who surround it and can help kindle feelings of love, romance, happiness and sensuality. Rose Quartz is a powerful stone for healing emotions and personal relationships. It is a feminine stone that resonates with the Goddess Energy.
  4. dsc_0710Obsidian 
    Obsidian is a powerful/ one of the best protection stones you can own, which I find important to own. When learning about energies the Universe holds, it is important to note that just as we have light, that there is dark. When working with nature one must understand that this includes both lightness and darkness one must take the appropriate steps to protect and ground themselves so no unwanted energies dwell.  We can use nature to her fullest to assist in bringing more positivity into our life as long as we are responsible when working with energy. Obsidian is a great protection stone to own, along with Black Tourmaline which helps get rid of emotions like stress, negativity, self doubt, and anxiety and is a great protection stone. It is a fantastic grounding stone in meditation and is best worn as much as possible to get its full advantage.
  5. Citrine
    Citrine is a gorgeous stone that has radiates joy. Citrine is connected with the solar plexus chakra and is associated with happiness and joy. Citrine and also Rutilated Quartz are great stones to help combat depression and anxiety. Citrine aids in creativity and developing your intuition. Citrine are very much happy and feel good stones. In Medieval times, shop owners would place a Citrine stone in their cashiers draw to bring in luck and prosperity to their business.
  6. Amethyst

Amethyst is another crystal like clear quartz that is very multi use. It provides protection, aids in restful sleep, helps quieten the mind to connect with the Divine and assists in you letting go of built up melancholy, depression, fear, grief, and anxiety. It connects us closer to the spirit world so it great to use in divination. It is connected to the third eye chakra and brings our spiritual awareness higher. It is a stone that helps us with our intuition and psychic abilities. Remember to keep yourself grounded when using Amethyst as it is a stone that taps into that higher vibration and consciousness.  It’s a stone used for dream work and is associated with the moon and water, and is a great stone to use in full moon rituals. Amethyst helps block negative energy so is a great stone for empaths and will keep your aura strong.  Don’t leave Amethyst in the sun for more than 30 minutes at a time otherwise you risk colour fadage.