What is Grounding and How Do I Ground Myself? 

Grounding is an ancient activity that spreads through universal cultures, traditions and spiritual practices over hundreds of years.  It is simply reconnecting and realigning out energies with the Earth. When we allow our body to connect with the Earth, we enhance our mental, physical, and emotional well being and create a more sound, clear way of thinking.  Vitality, health, and wellness are benefits of allowing yourself to be grounded with the Earth.  It’s a great exercise, and best of all it’s free!

Grounding is important for many different reasons. In our modern world of technology and high rise apartments, concrete buildings and phone towers we need ensure our body, mind, and soul escapes the constant influx of electromagnetic radiation (EMF’s) from devices such as phones, TV, computers, WiFi, microwaves, etc. A constant influx of these EMF’s create an increase in free radicals and positive electrons. The reason why free radicals aren’t as awesome as they sound is because they are often missing a molecule, and in order to make itself complete it will try latch onto other molecules in our body, which can injure our cells and damage our DNA. And you don’t need to be a genius to know that damaged DNA isn’t a good thing.

So back to the less morbid reason of this post. It can be difficult when you can’t even remember the last time your feet or hands actually touched real ground. When your body’s energy is off or unbalanced, it’s likely you need to practice grounding yourself.  The Western world is largely set up in a way that peoples connection to the Earth is greatly hindered.

One reason I get reminded about by teachers is that I need to regularly ground myself in order to bring all my thoughts, ideas, and creativity into a place of real. It’s all very good and well to receive messages and help through dreams or signs etc, but for you to make sense and make reality of your ideas you need to ground yourself, pulling those messages, ideas, and knowledge down from your mind and into your physical body. Grounding might just be one of the most important,  yet neglected exercises we know of. At the very least, you learn to put yourself first even just for ten minutes.

Here is my list below of different ways to ground yourself:

  1. Tree Visualisation Grounding Exercise
  • Either sit comfortably in a chair or lay down (recommended). Close your eyes and take a few deep, slow breaths.
  • With each breath, imagine a pool of light filling your stomach, and with every exhale all your thoughts, and any negative energy is released.
  • Once you are in a state of calm, focus on the orb of white light, with each slow deep breath, let the white light grow and fill your body a little more, expanding to your arms, legs, head, hands and feet.
  • Once your body is filled with white light, imagine your body as a tree, with your arms and legs and veins as roots, visualise the intertwined roots of your arms, fingers, thighs, feet, and toes.
  • Imagine those roots slowly growing and send them down into the Earth. Imagine your roots penetrating the Earth’s layers, through the crust, the mantle layers, the outer core, and through to the inner core., anchor your roots at the core.
  • See your roots latching onto the core and drinking up orbs of red energy, allowing the Earth’s energy to fill your roots and travel up to your body, let it travel up into your feet, up your legs, through your back, head, arms and fingers, filling your tree self with these orbs of red Earth energy.
  • Meditate in this state until you feel satisfied, once you are ready, release your roots and let them fade as you bring them to the surface, visualising yourself back into your human form.


  1. Grounding Yourself in Nature:
  • Go outside and place your hand/s on a tree you feel drawn to.
  • Imagine your energy being released into the tree as you are touching it. Leaving your body, travelling through your arms and out your fingertips, and into the tree trunk.
  • Once you have released your old energy, receive the trees replenished energy by visualising it being absorbed through your fingertips, through your hands, arms, and distributed into your body.
  • Once you feel replenished, thank mother nature for its cleansing.

Other ways to Ground:

  1. Walk barefoot along the beach, letting the water lap at your feet. Salt (water) is very grounding and the waves have a very strong cleansing and replenishing energy.
  2. Make a fairy house in your garden or when you visit a park.
  3. Walk barefoot in nature (not concrete), be outside where the air is fresh and the ground is real, play in nature, go hiking, do some gardening.
  4. Find some flowers and take the time to appreciate and absorb their energy
  5. Have a salt bath, a mixture of sea salts, Epsom salts and Himalayan salts are a great combo. Add any essential oils you favour such as patchouli (be sure to dilute them with a carrier oil first). You can also add grounding crystals to your bath and fresh herbs instead of essential oils such as sage.
  6. Meditate with grounding crystals such as magnetite, black tourmaline, black kyanite, black onyx, or obsidian.
  7. Eat! Reminding your soul it is in a human body by eating is a great way to ground yourself.
  8. Carry a grounding talisman, like a vial of oak moss and sage.