It’s hard to know where to even start with this post. I can’t even comprehend the emotion I have been feeling lately in connection to all the shootings in America. Of course I feel for all killings around the world, but America in particular because of their loose gun laws and views on violence and guns. It’s a downer, and I won’t even bother going into all the details of the events, it’s everywhere already.


What I’m here to talk about today is talking about the good vibes. The good people. The kind humans out there, spreading love and not the hate. After all, it is why we are here. We aren’t here to work for a business that destroys your soul, we aren’t here to spread gossip, or hurtful words, or to capitalise on others misfortunes.

All my life I was led to believe the motions of “life” is what you aspire to. Go to school, get an education. Go to University, pay for more education. Get a job, any job. Work your ass off 9-5 for a house, owned by the bank that you may never pay off (in my city anyway).  Get married, have kids, travel a bit and oh baby don’t you forget about the materials. The house, the car, the family dressed in threads, newest phone, newest gadgets, expensive perfume.. The life goal being  to aspire to become wealthy enough to afford life’s luxuries, to live a happy life because of it.

Hold on a hot second..Fuck That Shit. Since when was happiness measured on a dime? Since when did chasing greed become the normal in this world? What happened to helping out someone because it’s the good thing to do, not because you might get something out of it? Or being grateful for the simple things, not always looking further to what you want next.

I have been living my life in the negative state of mind and in the state of mind where success only comes from following the above rules.  I haven’t been happy, and I haven’t’ been successful. I’ve been depressed, anxious, out of touch with the universe and disconnected from life.

So after quitting a soul destroying job  and being redirected out of the next one I went into ( I say redirected now instead of losing it, as I have understood it was certainly no loss), I stopped trying to do the same thing over and over. I decided to stop what I was doing and reassess. Clearly what I had been doing was not getting me anywhere in life apart from going in circles of dismay and disappointment.

My therapist and I have agreed that I don’t need to continue therapy now. I have been going every week for the past six months. No guarantees that I won’t go back, but I have now been in remission from depression for about 4 months now.

The answer to how I have found my success in beating  depression is simple. Good Vibes. Find em, Raise em, Focus on em. Just don’t let them go!


Once understanding mindfulness and how to calm my mind, I mentioned in an earlier post it was like my mind had gone from being in reverse to now being in neutral, and the goal next was to push it into drive.

Well, I have been driving my own mind out of the dark and into the light, and one of the ways has been with positive affirmations. Learning to write nice things about myself didn’t start of well as I have discussed last month, but I am now at a place where it is easy. It’s a daily thing, it’s part of my routine. The secret, I have learnt since is that I actually need to feel it. Saying nice things is one thing, but to sit there and genuinely receive the words I say to myself, accept them and feel them, that is where the good vibes come from. Good vibes come from the heart, from the clear intention and the way you hold yourself. Chin up. Believe in yourself.


I have been studying energies and vibrations, learning that everything in this universe holds different vibrations, even your thoughts. Thinking negatively keeps you in a negative vibration, attracting other negative vibrations, these can come as thoughts, people, events, situations, anything. Even the word negative holds a tight sinking feeling in my chest when I type it.

Good vibes/vibrations on the other hand, this is where you need to be. I always find it difficult to feel bad if someone has shared their good vibes with me. A simple smile to a stranger, a random act of kindness, a compliment, these are little vibes I find are catchy. You can pass them around and others will feel encouraged to feel good vibrations from it.

I am, and will continue to learn and to use vibrations and energy to my advantage in life, not in a greed sense but in an ultimately happy sense. Crystals carry powerful vibrations and are used in holistic healing, meditation, and magick. So do herbs! There are so many herbs, flowers, trees, and plants that carry so many beneficial properties and vibes you can use in healing, meditation and magick! St John’s Worts for example is a natural supplement I take each day, St John’s Worts has been my natural antidepressant, it helps keep the good vibes flowing. To know that this little flower can carry so much health, I wish I knew sooner in life.  When we own our  own house, I plan to grow my own garden full of positive vibes and medical uses. Health, it comes from outdoors, nature, the air, the elements.. Feeling like shit? Go outside, take your shoes off. Ground yourself. Breathe in that fresh air with gratitude. This world doesn’t need to go to Hell, we can do something about it.

Be the change you want to see in the world  -Buddha


From now on, this blog will no longer be about my journey through depression and anxiety, but rather my spiritual journey. My journey through the good vibes, learning about divination, psychic development, crystal healing, magick, natural herbs and plants, mindfulness, meditation, the spirit world, karma, occult, and whatever truth my heart feels like discussing.

Today I am grateful for an amazing trelise cooper opshop find!

P.s – The poem below I found extremely moving and was the inspiration for today’s blog along with Snoop Lion’s Song No Guns Allowed.


💐🔫 What if flowers filled your gun… 🌸 And instead of bullets it just needed sun. 🌸Instead of killing it made people smile. 🌸 And instead of death, it brought something worthwhile. 🌸 What if fear was banished and so was pain. 🌸 What if instead of loss there was only gain. 🌸What if hate disappeared, along with shame. 🌸What if people chased butterflies instead of fame. 🌸What if peace on Earth was more than a dream. 🌸What if things were always as they seemed. 🌸What if I told you that it will all be okay 🌸And all of these what ifs will come true someday. 🌸Anything's possible when love catches on, 🌸plant the seeds now and they'll soon be full grown. 🌸What if I'm wrong? But what if I'm right? 🌸Just spread your love and shine your light. 🌸Someday it will bloom in a world without hate. 🌸We should start now! It is never too late! 💐🔫#spirituality #love #esoteric #spirit #soul #life #death #awakening #enlightenment #consciousness #Buddha #spiritual #source #energy #goodvibes #beautiful #pastlives #peace #reincarnation #theshift #love #peaceonearth #oneness #metaphysical #peace_love_light_poetry

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